Among all types of motor vehicle accidents,  few are quite as deadly as pedestrian accidents. Even when victims are not fatally injured in these accidents, they can be left with long-term medical issues that can impair their ability to work or live their lives in peace. That is why you should be aware of these major risk factors for pedestrian accidents, so you can minimize the chances that you or your loved ones will be hurt in one of these accidents:

  1. Lack of visibility
    • One of the biggest issues that leads to pedestrian accidents is a lack of visibility, which can prevent drivers from seeing pedestrians in time to avoid a collision. Most often, this comes simply from people driving at night, but it can also be the result of fog, heavy rain, or anything else that impairs a driver’s vision. Even the presence of numerous vehicles by the side of the road can prevent a driver from seeing a pedestrian walk into the road, leading to a potential accident.
  2. Failing to yield the right of way
    • Another common issue in many pedestrian accidents occurs when drivers fail to yield the right of way. As a general rule, pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections have the right of way compared to motor vehicles, meaning vehicles are supposed to stop and wait until they have passed by. Some drivers get impatient, however, causing them to speed through and potentially cause an accident.
  3. Poorly maintained vehicles
    • The better maintained your vehicle is, the more likely you are to avoid a potential accident. When a vehicle is not well maintained, it tends to be slower to respond and less able to maneuver or stop quickly to avoid a pedestrian in the road. Worse still, a poorly maintained vehicle may suffer a catastrophic mechanical failure, causing a driver to lose control of their vehicle and hitting a pedestrian.
  4. Distracted driving
    • Distracted driving is one of the most commonly cited factors seen in pedestrian accidents. This includes texting and driving, as well as eating, drinking, making phone calls, reading books, programming a GPS, or even just changing the radio when they should be focused on driving. When a driver takes their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road, they make otherwise avoidable accidents much more likely.
  5. Driving under the influence (DUI)
    • Driving under the influence, or DUI, is outright illegal, and is incredibly dangerous as well. When people drive under the influence of intoxicating substances, be it alcohol, marijuana, or even certain legally prescribed medications, it can impair their judgment and hinder their ability to react or control their vehicle. As a result, intoxicated drivers are far more likely to cause pedestrian accidents than they would be if they were sober.


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