I received excellent service from the Keith Williams law group. I can highly recommend this law group. My contact kept me updated and my case was solved in a timely manner.

Edith Kent

I’m very pleased with the service Keith Williams provided for my family.

Sherri Farmer

Mr. Keith Williams and his staff conducted our case with dignity and fairness. They went beyond and above their duty. We contacted them when we had an accident with a trucking company, and even though Covid 19 hit, they continued with the case. They kept us informed on what was going on. Should we need another attorney, we will definitely contact them. Just 1 telephone is all that is needed.

Elisabeth Wilch

Keith Williams and Tammy Greene were diligent in negotiating with the insurance company to recover our losses. They were professional. We felt we were in good hands from start to settlement.

Sue S.

Keith Williams Law Group was a law firm that was hired by me after a personal injury was sustained in an aviation related incident. I specifically refer to Mr. B. Keith Williams who represented me in this case. He was very professional yet persistent in seeking a justifiable settlement according to the injuries. Thank you, Mr. Williams, for the time you spent in researching this injury to reach a compensation that was satisfactory.

“A satisfied client is a happy client.”

Special thanks to Tammy (Paralegal) she has helped so much.
She has helped me with all of the little details I didn’t even know I needed. She is always friendly and ready to answer all of my questions.
Keith, Tammy, Alex and the rest of the team has given close attention to my case which has allowed me to focus on what’s important to me, healing and recovery.
One of the BEST decisions of my life has been choosing the Keith Williams Team!

Ken Sowards

I researched for the best injury attorneys online and Keith Williams had the highest rating among other attorneys. If someone is lost and doesn’t know what they’re doing, they should come here. Keith and Alex are wonderful and I am happy I chose Keith Williams Law Group to handle my case.

Frida Pineger

I am very happy with the results that Keith Williams and his group of attorneys and paralegals obtained for me in my case. I also appreciated how well the office communicated with me to let me know what was happening and what I could expect and when. It went a long way towards helping me through a stressful time. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer someone to Keith Williams Law Group, they deliver good results.

Dudley Blankenship

I have known Keith Williams personally for many years. I was introduced to Keith through a mutual friend in Lafayette TN. A few years passed by and I found myself needing an attorney for my business. From the very first meeting, I immediately realized this guy was different – very different. I later retained him for a civil lawsuit filed against a gas station I once owned . Keith stepped in took over control of the situation and demanded respect and full attention in the court room and he won the case for me.
I highly recommend Keith and his staff.  He is very persistent and very knowledgeable of the laws and will defend you properly.

Thomas Mowell

Keith Williams and his employees treated me with the upmost respect and concern. Actually, I felt like I was “family”! My paralegal, Alex, was awesome and just being able to talk to her made me feel calmer and more at ease while my case was being prepared. Every time I called my call was returned and my questions were always answered by either Keith, Jim or Alex. The stress of my accident and injury was hard on me and my whole family, so it was great that I felt like my attorneys and their team were an extended part of our family. I and my family knew they cared about us and the outcome of my case. The outcome on my case was great and I will use them again if I ever need them. Thank you to all of them from all of us!

The Boone Family

After an accident, I called Williams of Keith Williams Law Group. He took my case and not only did he fight for my rights, he was able to secure a very nice out of court settlement. The insurance company didn’t want to negotiate with us at first and would only give me low offers. But Keith made sure they realized that he was ready to take my case to trial. And he was! I felt like he was able to do all the preparation necessary for trial and, though I was nervous, I felt comfortable going into a courtroom with him. But, at the last minute, the insurance gave me a fair offer and we didn’t have to go through the time and stress of a trial and I was glad. Thank you Keith Williams.

Roy Leathers, Lebanon, Tennessee

I want to thank everyone who was involved with my case. I am very pleased with the results and appreciate that I was kept informed with all details. Will be glad to recommend Keith and his firm. Thank you!

Charlene Stafford

My car accident was severe and affected me in all areas of my life, from my job to my marriage. I was hit head on by the son of a neighbor right down the road from my house and it was hard not only physically, but emotionally. I felt like everything was falling apart and I didn’t know how to handle it. I met with Keith Williams and knew he could help me and he did! I was able to get a good settlement and not have to go to trial to get it, although he would have gone to trial if we’d needed to. I was able to pay my bills and the stress and strain was off my marriage and my family. When I was at the settlement meeting after meeting with Keith, his paralegal Alex and I began to talk about the case and I started to cry with relief that it was over and had ended so well – I had never expected to get that high of a settlement. She cried with me! It was like having extra family to go through the hard times with me and I am so glad they were there.

Mike C., Lebanon, Tennessee

My wife and I are very happy and grateful for the outcome of my case. Our calls were always returned and our questions answered promptly. The way Keith resolved my case was a big weight taken off our shoulders! If anyone we know needs an attorney, we will recommend Keith and Jim and their team. Thank you!

James Kidder

I was hurt badly in a car wreck near interstate 40 and Carthage and I didn’t know what to do. The bills were coming in and my employer wasn’t being supportive because I had to miss alot of work due to my injuries. I wanted to work, but I had to get well first and needed surgeries and physical therapy. I became depressed. A friend suggested Keith and I am sure glad he did. Keith Williams turned out to the best attorney for me. He and his kind staff helped me through the long and stressful process and we did better than I had dared hope. When it was all over, my settlement was enough to pay off all my bills, make up for my time off work, and gave me a large financial “cushion” I’d never had before. I felt hopeful again and was able to move on with my life.

During the time my case was going on, Keith, Jim and Alex became like a second family to me. I could talk about things with them I didn’t feel comfortable talking about with anyone else because they understood what I was going through.

T.C. Smith County, Tennessee

While on duty as a Chief of Police, I sustained an injury to my left knee which resulted in a torn meniscus and surgery to repair it. This seemed to be an easy thing to take care of, but I quickly found out that due to the red tape of Workers’ Compensation, it wasn’t that easy at all. I first attempted to handle it myself, but soon realized I needed some skilled help because I couldn’t even get the necessary surgery to repair my knee. My duties as police chief were too important to delegate, so I suffered constant excruciating pain trying to protect my citizens while suffering from this untreated injury.
I contacted attorney Keith Williams. I explained to him what had occurred and that I could not travel to his office to see him due to the pain I was experiencing in my leg. I had been working in my office daily, and my Assistant Chief was preparing ice packs for my leg so I could get through the day.

Mr. Williams then traveled approximately 1 ½ hours to my home to meet with my wife and me about my injury.

Once Mr. Williams became involved in my case, he requested assistance from the state in helping me get authorization for the treatment to which I was entitled. It wasn’t long after he got involved that things started happening as they should. Approval for my MRI was given, and I received the surgery I needed.

Keith Williams and his staff was instrumental in getting things done. Had I notified him immediately after my injury, I would not have waited an unnecessary 3 months due to red tape to get the medical care I was entitled to receive.

If you want someone who cares about you as a person, works equally as hard on a small case as a large one, communicates continuously with you every step of the way and is only an e-mail away, then Keith Williams and his staff are the answer to your needs. They have never failed to answer my emails or take my calls, and it’s comforting to know that the communication channel is always open to them, and act expeditiously on any concerns I have had with my case.

As a Chief of Police with 29 years of law enforcement experience, I highly recommend attorney Keith Williams and the Williams Law Group for any legal representation needed.

Speaking from my personal experience, their professionalism, expertise, and care for their clients is very obvious.

Chief of Police Robert Reynolds, Cowan, Tennessee

When I was injured, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I could not work and I had worked at the same place for 30 years, it was the only work I knew how to do. I had to have surgery on my shoulder and they could not repair all the damage. My employer could not offer me limited restriction work, so they had to let me go. While Keith Williams was negotiating my case, Alex helped me get signed up for my disability and that helped me to pay my bills. When the insurance company finally offered a fair settlement, I was so relieved. I appreciate everything Keith and Alex did during the whole time and feel like they were really looking out for me and made sure they did everything that they could do to make the process easier and make sure it had a good outcome.

Michael Coffee, Lebanon, TN

I didn’t know where to turn when I and two other members of my family were injured in a car wreck that wasn’t our fault in Mt. Juliet Tennessee. Keith Williams and Jim Stocks of Keith Williams Law Group helped us. Another attorney’s office I talked to just didn’t seem interested in our story, it was just numbers and how much was in it for them. Keith and his group went out of their way to get to know us and how the accident had hurt us. I can’t thank them enough for their help. Our paralegal, Tammy, genuinely cared about us, too. She always made sure we had all our questions answered. I would recommend them to anyone. Not just good results, but they treat their clients with concern and respect. My family appreciated the extra benefit of that during our case and we were thrilled with the outcome!

L. C. Mt. Juliet, TN

In the early morning of August 27, 2006, my worst nightmare became a reality when I lost my husband in the crash of Comair Flight 5191 in Lexington, Kentucky. To say I was devastated at the loss of my husband and the father of my son would be an understatement. Dealing with the emotions of such a loss and its impact on my family was difficult enough. The prospect of also having to take on the difficult task of dealing with insurance companies, investigators, airline representatives, and the countless other persons involved in the aftermath of a major airline crash was simply overwhelming.

Fortunately, I hired Keith Williams of Keith Williams Law Group, and he immediately understood what I was going through and helped me and my family through this trying time. Keith truly cared about me and my son, and he did everything he could to help us through this traumatic event in our life. We were not just a number to Keith and the others at the Williams Law Group, and we knew they valued us as individuals. From the start, Keith helped us through by handling communications with the airline and insurance companies, as well as dealing with the investigators and federal agencies involved in the aftermath on our behalf.

Keith also led the fight to obtain justice for the death of my husband and my son’s loss of his father. Keith was involved in investigating what happened in the crash, and based on the investigation brought suit against those we believed to be at fault for the crash. Keith and the Williams Law Group fought for us vigorously in the Federal Court lawsuit that resulted. Going through a lawsuit of this type was also a difficult ordeal, with thoughts of my husband and the tragedy that occurred constantly coming to mind. Keith always kept this in consideration, though, and tried to make it as easy a process as he could for me and my son.

Although the Federal Court litigation that took place involved the combined lawsuits of virtually all of the victims and dozens of attorneys for the various parties, Keith was a member of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee and Trial Team and fought hard to make my case a focus of the overall litigation. In the end, we were able to reach a confidential out of court settlement with the defendants prior to the start of trial.

While nothing will ever bring my husband back, I can rest a little easier knowing that justice was done and his death was not in vain. I thank Keith Williams and the staff at Keith Williams Law Group for helping me get that sense of justice, and for doing so not only as fine attorneys at the top of their profession, but perhaps more importantly as fine and caring human beings who treated me and my son as they would their own family during the most difficult time of our lives.

Edith Mallory, Paris, Kentucky

I had my injury case with Keith Williams but had to move out of state in the middle of it. It was hard staying on top of things from out of state, but Keith, Jim and their staff kept me informed about my case. I was ready for it to settle and had a figure in mind that I thought would be “fair”. I was so surprised when the other side offered 10 times that amount at settlement negotiations! I am thankful to Keith and the group for this great outcome.

Winston Minchew, Florida

When I was injured and couldn’t walk without pain, Keith and his team came to my house to meet with me. From that time until my case was over, I felt important. Every time I called or came in during the process, everyone in in the entire office asked how I was and they were genuinely concerned about me. I am happy with the results of my case and glad I hired Keith and his great group to fight my case for me.

Jenny Brockette, Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee

I had gotten hurt through no fault of my own and was having great difficulties with the at fault party’s insurance company. I was desperate because the doctors said that I could lose my legs if I didn’t get the medical treatment I needed, but couldn’t afford. I was referred to Keith Williams by another attorney and I hired on the spot after meeting him and his paralegal Alex. I was able to get the surgery I needed to save my legs because of them and the large settlement I received helped me. It cannot erase the pain of the accident, but it definitely helps that I do not have to worry about my finances and how I am going to take care of my family now. I am a very happy man due to this firm. I also will be using Jim Stocks, Keith Williams’ associate, for my social security disability case. Thank you!

Rich Potter, Brush Creek, Tennessee

I didn’t know what to do when I got hit and injured. All the sudden I was stuck in the house and everybody was getting to live their lives but me. I needed help. I found Keith on the internet and called just wanting someone to tell me how to handle the whole thing. But I was so impressed with how my initial call was handled and the care and interest showed in my case that I decided to hire Keith Williams Law Group to handle my injury case. I am very happy with how my case turned out, it settled before I had to go to court. I would recommend Keith and Jim in a heartbeat and, while the settlement process took awhile, they got me a fair one and they were supportive to me through the whole thing.

Toni S, Antioch, Tennessee

Keith gave me a lot of good advice during my case and I always tried to do just what he said. The case turned out with the best possible outcome we could have possibly had. The insurance company offered a settlement amount, but Keith and I weren’t satisfied with it so we went to trial. The jury awarded me three times what the insurance company had originally offered me thanks to Keith’s presentation and defense of my case! Tammy did a great job of keeping up with my bills and insurance company and I always felt like my case was the most important case she had, though I know she had several others.  If I ever need another injury attorney, or anyone I know ever does, there is no one else I would even think of going to except for Keith Williams.

S. G., Lebanon, TN

Keith’s twenty years of experience sure paid off when he handled my case. I am happy I put it in his hands and would recommend him to anyone. I felt like I got the best results possible and I appreciated that Keith not only understood the particulars of my case, but that he took the time to explain things to me and educate me on the process. That made me feel like I was actively participating in my case and that we were a “team”.

R.O., Sumner County, Tennessee

I was injured in a car wreck in Smith County and didn’t know what I was going to do, I was very depressed. A friend recommended Keith Williams to me and I called him that day. By the end of the week, I had hired him and I’m glad I did. My injury case was a long process, but it turned out even better than I had hoped! Keith’s staff was always there for me and answered my questions and just listened to me sometimes when I needed to talk or vent. If anyone I’m friends with or any of my family need a good lawyer, I am sending them straight to Keith.

Kasey Stafford, McMinnville Tennessee

“My experience with Keith Williams and his staff was superior. He was professional, compassionate, empathetic and a true pleasure to work with. I felt he ‘had my back’ every step of the way. No other law firm would consider taking my case; they said it wouldn’t be worth the effort, too much of a long-shot, hadn’t been done before, etc. Mr. Williams not only took my case, but was successful in negotiating a just settlement. I recommend Keith Williams and his firm without reservation. A 5-star class act.”

S. Rosenberg, Chicago, Illinois

I am very happy with my representation and glad I used Keith and Jim for my case. If you want to get on with your life and have someone who knows what they are doing take care of your case, then call Keith Williams and his group. If I ever get the chance to recommend them – I definitely will!

Brian H., Goodlettsville, TN

I was injured and didn’t know where to turn for help. I remembered my childhood friend Keith Williams was an attorney and called to see if he could help me. He and his staff were great with my case and I admit their results exceeded my expectations. I am glad to call Keith Williams my friend and definitely glad I chose him as my attorney!

Terry C., Trousdale County, Tennessee

There comes a time in one’s life when we need someone in our corner. In my case, it was after a rearend accident that left me with back pain and headaches. The insurance company of the driver that caused the accident kept trying to pay me off; but I was stuck with a lot of pain and medical bills. That’s when I met Keith and he went to work for me! Everybody in his office went to work for me! I can’t express how much that means to have people in your corner when you’re faced with dealing with lawyers from insurance companies. Keith Williams Law Group made it happen for me. They took that pressure off of me and knew what to do. Thank all of you in the office for being in my corner.

Charles Farley, Hartsville, TN

The word I think of when I think of how I feel about my experience with Keith Williams and his team is “grand”. I felt important, like I was being listened to, and that my case was important to them. I am happy with the results! It was a long process but I had my “team” with me throughout it. I appreciate the whole firm and I feel like I can breathe again!

A.C., Ashland City, Tennessee

I was very happy with the outcome of my case and how quickly it was handled. I felt that Keith and Jim and the rest of my team did their very best and, if we ever need another attorney in the future, we will definitely be calling them! I trust that if they could not handle something, they would point us in the right direction. I felt that they always had my best interest at heart and that meant so much to us.

A.C., Ashland City, Tennessee

Unfortunate circumstances brought me in contact with Keith Williams; nonetheless, he made the best of the bad situation. Although I wish the accident had never happened, I was glad I could place my trust, and, indeed, my future in Keith’s competent hands. I was physically and mentally not in top shape and being able to place the burden of work on Keith’s capable shoulders made all the difference in the world. Alex Perrigo, Keith’s friendly and prompt paralegal, was a pleasure; she never once failed to return a call promptly. She also knew the answers to all my questions. She was patient and kind even when I was not. How can a person really expect more than that?

Janice and Leonard Thompson, Springfield, TN

I am very happy that I used Keith Williams Law Group for my case. Keith and Jim were AWESOME! They were very patient with me, answered all of my questions and kept me informed throughout my case. I am happy with the results they got for me and I would refer anyone to them.

Stanley Franklin, Pleasant Shade, Tennessee

I have dealt with other attorneys in the past and my interaction with Keith Williams, Jim Stocks and Tammy Greene was the most positive I’ve ever had. I always felt like I was a priority with them and that my case was important. They kept me informed throughout the process and always answered my questions. I am very happy with the results I received with Keith and his staff. I would use him again if I needed him and I would recommend him to anyone in need of talented and caring attorneys.

C.M., Lebanon, Tennessee

I got hurt and it wasn’t my fault. I had to have surgery and I have since returned to work. While I was out of work, I had trouble paying my bills and it was a hard time for me and my family. Keith Williams and his staff fought for me all along and I was happy and satisfied with my final settlement. I would recommend Keith!

John Michael, Carthage, Tennessee

I didn’t know where to turn to with my case and Keith Williams was recommended to me. I am so thankful I took the advice to meet with him. He took my case and got me even better results than I had hoped for! My wife and I would have nothing if it wasn’t for him and now we will be able to keep our home and get on with our lives.

Larry Carwile, Livingston, Tennessee

When I was injured on the job as Defensive Line Coach for the Tennessee Titans, I asked around for a good attorney. Keith Williams was highly recommended to me. I met with him and was impressed with his easy going manner and his “country smarts”. Keith mediated my case skillfully and with great success. I was on the road in my current position as Defensive Line Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles for the duration of the case. Keith, along with his paralegal Alex, protected my best interests and kept me up-to-date on the developments.

I had great results with Keith Williams Law Group and would recommend them to anyone.

Jim Washburn,
Former Tennessee Titans Line Coach

I suffered an injury and required surgery. I could not reach a successful settlement with the other party’s insurance company and could not return to my job. I turned to Keith Williams and he negotiated a successful settlement for me. I recommend Keith Williams, and his staff, if you want someone who will put your rights first.

Mary Shannon
Lebanon, TN

If I ever need someone again, I will come to you first!
J.L. (a happy injury client)

J.L., LaVergne, Tennessee

I can’t say enough about Keith Williams and his team. No doubt they are the best in Tennessee and the Southeast. I thought I had no chance after my car wreck in 2006. Others laughed at me and told me I had no chance and to simply move on and forget about it. Not Keith Williams, he believed me. I had two back surgeries, and my daughter was also injured in a car wreck. I was a single dad with three kids and could not work for at least a year. I thought I was going to lose everything I have worked my whole life for. You might think my story is boring, but I could write a book about how the wreck has changed my life and my family. And guess what, just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. I had to be strong and fight for all that I had.
We went to mediation. It was horrible. The retired judge who was mediating the case told us we couldn’t win. The lawyers for the at fault company refused to make an offer to settle my case. After the mediation was over, I told Keith that I was sorry for getting him into this mess. I wanted to give up. He looked at me and said he believed me, and he said to get mad because he was getting ready to kick some #%@.
Well, that is exactly what Keith Williams and his whole office did. We settled right before trial for more money than I ever expected.
His staff were always so nice and understanding, and would talk to me any time I needed some answers. Keith and his whole team did a great job. Thanks.

Brad Jackson
Mt. Juliet, TN

I have seen firsthand how well the Keith Williams Law Group takes care of its clients. My first experience with them was through my wife. We were both so impressed with the quality of their representation and their caring handling of her case. As a result, my wife and I have sent not only friends and neighbors to the Keith Williams Law Group for legal help, but I even sent my Granddaughter to him when she was injured in an automobile accident while at work. I highly recommend them to anyone who has been injured.

Mr. Fred Burton,
City of Lebanon Finance Manager

I was injured in 2002 I was fortunate to hire Keith Williams as my attorney to represent me on that injury. Mr. Williams took over my case and I was very happy when we were able to obtain a very good settlement which included not only a substantial amount for my injury, but also open medical treatment for the rest of my life. I was very happy and satisfied with my representation, and I could tell from the way Mr. Williams treated my case that he truly cared about me.

Seven years after my injury, and long after my case had settled, Mr. Williams and the attorneys at the Keith Williams Law Group continue to care. In early 2009, I needed medical treatment for my injury, but the insurance company refused to pay for it even though the prior settlement agreement and court order required that they do so. The insurance company tried to blame my need for treatment on everything but the injury, so I called Keith Williams and asked for help. Mr. Williams -for no additional pay- again took over, fought the insurance company, and got me the medical treatment that I was entitled to receive.

I have been very impressed with the quality of representation and the personal attention and care shown by Mr. Williams and the Keith Williams Law Group. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who has been injured and needs an attorney.

Ms. Billie Burton
Lebanon, TN

Keith Williams always shows morality and ethical values when he was working on our case. That was important to us as we did not want to add anger or emotional turmoil on top of our loss of our child. I knew Keith was genuinely concerned about us and our case and he always took our feelings into consideration, I felt like he let us be participants in the case and that he placed value on our opinions. I am satisfied with the way our case was resolved and appreciate Keith, and his paralegal Tammy’s, support during it. Our questions were always answered and we felt like they were honest and genuine people and that meant a lot to us.

Jeff and Colleen Berry
Hartsville, Tennessee

I am so pleased with the results of my case. I have already recommended Keith to other people and would use him again should I ever be in need of legal representation. Keith’s paralegal, Tammy, was always on top of things and answered my questions patiently and thoroughly. I felt like I had a team behind me and alot of support through the whole process.

Wendi Norton
Lebanon, TN

Once again, a very big thank you to you not just for today, but for your ceaseless hard work, dedication and professionalism. Most of all, thank you for caring, which you clearly do and that is what makes the difference between a lawyer and a very good lawyer!
Thanks again,

Gary Hawkins

When I was injured, I contacted Keith Williams’ office and had an appointment to meet with them two days later. Keith was very friendly and explained everything in detail and I never felt intimated like some attorneys make you feel. Any problem that I had with my case, I never hesitated to call the office and I would have a quick answer by phone or email. Keith stays on top of things. Keith and Jim are very friendly people and my paralegal, Alex, kept me advised of my case and was always available to answer my questions and concerns. I would recommend anyone who has been injured to give Keith Williams a call, they will take a lot of your worry and fears away.

Amber Shrum, Lebanon, TN

I would like to thank Keith Williams for all he did for me during the course of my lawsuit. I was hurt and was told that Mr. Williams was one of the best in Tennessee for injury cases. I now would totally agree. He always communicated with me whenever I had questions and Alex was awesome at going out of her way to take care of me. I am very pleased with my out of court settlement and would highly recommend Mr. Williams to anybody needing representation.

Sean Nystul

Thank you so much! I hope if I ever see you again, it’s because we “run into” each other somewhere and not because I need your services again! In the meantime, if I know of anyone who needs legal services in TN I will definitely give them your name.

Madisonville, Kentucky