Keith Williams Law Group Verdicts and Settlement

Members of Keith Williams Law Group successfully represent real people like yourself in a wide variety of matters.  Listed below are a few examples of cases in which we have been involved.  As always, in describing these examples, all of our clients’ identities are kept in strict confidence.

DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.


Our client was on a commercial flight making a connection in Memphis, Tennessee. She felt a sudden and violent jolt as the aircraft made a hard landing. Her back began to hurt, and it was later determined that she had suffered an injury to her back. We obtained a confidential settlement for our client to compensate her for her medical bills, pain and suffering, and time missed from work.

Awarded: Confidential

Victim was flying the Cherokee for a Smyrna company.  The plane had several modifications done at the on-site maintenance and repair facility at the Smyrna airport. We allege the maintenance company should have performed “sneak” circuit analysis to ensure the auto pilot and the GPS on the plane could work together as it was common industry knowledge that the two used in the crashed plane were not compatible.

Awarded: Filed

In a separate lawsuit pertaining to the Comair 5191 crash in Lexington Kentucky, we obtained a confidential settlement for victims’ families in a suit against the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Negligent  Airspace Management.

Awarded: Confidential

Our clients’ son was piloting an airplane as it approached a rural airport for landing. As he approached under low visibility, the airplane crashed . Despite allegations our clients’ son was at fault for the crash, we alleged the aircraft had been negligently maintained and obtained a confidential settlement from the company responsible for maintaining the aircraft.

Awarded: Confidential

We represented the estate and surviving child of a victim in the Comair Flight 5191 Aviation Disaster that occurred on August 29, 2006 in Lexington, Kentucky.  The Delta commuter carrier’s captain and first officer attempted to take off on the wrong runway, and the plane crashed on takeoff, killing 49 persons onboard, including 46 passengers and 3 crew members.  The First Officer who was in control of the aircraft was the only survivor.  The resulting lawsuit was filed in federal court in Lexington, and involved dozens of plaintiffs and attorneys.  We were actively involved in preparing the plaintiffs’ case for trial; B. Keith Williams served on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (PSC) and was a member of the Trial Team for the Plaintiffs.

Awarded: A confidential settlement was reached just prior to trial.

A helicopter pilot was flying along a Tennessee river when his helicopter crashed into river. He unfortunately died as a result of the crash. The tail end of the helicopter had been sheered off, causing loss of control, and we alleged the maintenance company that had worked on the helicopter had been negligent. We obtained a confidential settlement for the pilot’s surviving family.

Awarded: Confidential

Three clients were onboard a domestic airline flight when an engine caught fire and forced an emergency landing. We sought compensation for the emotional trauma suffered by our clients from the experience and obtained $120,000 in settlements on their behalves.

Awarded: $120,000 in Settlements

On an airline flight to visit family, a family of three were extremely frightened when the cabin began decompressing, forcing an emergency landing prior to reaching their destination. The children were afraid to fly after this incident, and we were able to obtain a confidential settlement for the family.

Awarded: Confidential Settlement

We represented a California woman in the death of her father in the crash of a Russian-built Iranian passenger plane that was headed to Armenia from Tehran, Iran when it crashed and exploded minutes after taking off. The Tupolev 154 aircraft had been leased by Caspian Airlines, and all 168 persons onboard, including 153 passengers and 15 crew members, were killed in the crash.

The pilot of a cargo jet died in a crash when safety equipment on the aircraft failed. We served as Tennessee co-counsel for an out of state firm in pursuing the wrongful death action for the pilot’s surviving spouse. We were able to obtain a settlement for our client.

In the crash of a sightseeing helicopter that killed several passengers, we served as Tennessee co-counsel for an out of state firm in the wrongful death action to recover compensation for the deaths of three passengers. The crash involved allegations of both defective parts on the helicopter and negligence of the pilot. We were able to obtain a settlement for our clients.

We represented several clients who were enjoying a commercial flight to the east coast when the aircraft landed hard and skidded on the runway. The passengers suffered a variety of injuries and/or trauma in the incident, and we were able to obtain $615,000 in settlements for our clients to compensate them for the traumatic experience they endured.

Our client was enjoying a day of flying around a small airport and had just landed when another pilot failed to see our client’s aircraft and landed on top of our client’s plane. Our client suffered substantial injuries in the incident, and we were able to obtain a $1 Million settlement.

We represented multiple flight attendants who were injured when they were thrown about the inside of the aircraft. We sought compensation for their injuries and obtained settlements totaling $3,000,000.

Our client was struck by a compartment door that came open during a domestic flight. We brought a claim to recover for the pain and suffering our client endured as a result and obtained a confidential settlement for our client.

A client from Florida was traumatized by an in-flight jet-engine failure and announced emergency landing. Suit was brought against the airline for negligent infliction of emotional distress to our client, and a confidential settlement was reached before trial.

Our client was sitting on an international flight when a flight attendant spilled hot liquid on our client. The hot liquid caused minor burns on our client and pain for a period of time after the incident. We brought a claim under the applicable international convention governing the flight and obtained a confidential settlement for our client.

A client was injured during a hard/crash landing on a commercial airline flight from Denver, Colorado to Newark, New Jersey. The aircraft bounced upon landing and suffered damage to its fuselage before finally coming to a rest. A confidential settlement was reached to compensate our client for the trauma and injuries suffered.

Car Accidents

$6,200,000.00 was awarded to a wonderful and caring mother by Sumner County, Tennessee jury in Gallatin.  This verdict obtained by Keith Williams, is thought to be the largest jury verdict ever obtained in Sumner County, Tennessee.  Keith argued to the jury that this great wife and family caregiver not only lost her leg in the automobile accident, but also lost her independence and her life in the way as she knew it.  After a lengthy trial, the jury sided with Keith Williams and his client on both the issues of liability and the amount of damages.

While this verdict could never restore our client and her family to the way they were before the accident, it was a huge help in making sure they were financially compensated for this terrible accident.

Awarded: $6,200,000.00

Our client was struck by a car while riding his motorcycle on a two lane road in Tennessee. The driver of the automobile was in her 90s and crossed over the center line, striking our client. The collision caused severe damages to our client’s leg, including multiple compound fractures and the loss of a significant amount of the flesh. He also broke his arm, but the leg injury forced to him undergo painful wound care for nearly six months with open wounds involving exposed bone that was exposed to the air in an attempt to grow new tissue. That was ultimately unsuccessful, and doctors had to amputate his leg above the knee. He loved his work as a truck driver but could no long do that because of the wreck. Being struck by the car completely upended his life and caused emotional and physical trauma he will have to deal with for the rest of his life

The other driver’s insurance company would not give our client a fair offer, so we prepared to go to trial, deposed all witnesses and brought in our own expert witnesses. We argued our client’s case in front a jury and won, with the jury awarding our client $14,657,123 in damages. We successfully opposed the other side’s attempt to set aside the judgment and obtain a new trial, and our client’s right to compensation for his pain and suffering and other damages was upheld.

Awarded: $14,657,123

After we fought hard at trial, our client was awarded $546,800  to compensate them for the severe injuries they received in an accident.  The Judge also ordered the at-fault party’s insurance company to provide all future medical treatment needed for the injuries suffered in the accident for the remainder of our client’s life. This medical reimbursement was over and above the lump sum award.

Awarded: $546,800

Our client was injured in an accident in Wilson County Tennessee when his vehicle was hit from behind.  He suffered injury, the most serious being the requirement of having a mesh “cage” implanted in his neck.  The other side would not negotiate a settlement that we believed was fair and proper in our client’s case, so we took them to court and won in front of a jury. Our client received $369,000 for his injuries plus life-time medical treatment for anything related to the injury caused by the accident.

Awarded: $369,000

$350,000.00, the total amount of the at fault driver’s liability insurance policy was paid to a Macon, County Tennessee man following a head on collision.  The client was forced to undergo a surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center to repair his hip due to an injury from the wreck.

Awarded: $350,000.00

After client suffered serious injuries to his spine and shoulder in an accident, Keith negotiated with the at fault’s insurance company but was not happy with results.  Keith and our team prepared to go to trial to fight for our clients recovery and, at the last minute, the other party offered to settle our client’s case for $322,500.00 much to our and, more importantly, our client’s satisfaction.

Awarded: $322,500.00

A $310,000.00 settlement (plus life-time medical for treatment for injury) was reached before trial for a Smith County, Tennessee man who suffered back injury in an accident through no fault of his own.  The insurance company didn’t want to negotiate with our client in good faith, so we set the matter for trial and were ready to fight for our client in court. At the last minute, the insurance company offered our client a satisfactory lump sum settlement plus life-time medical treatment pertaining to the injury he received in the accident. Our client was satisfied and that always makes us happy!

Awarded: $310,000.00

Our client was in an accident and suffered bilateral fractures of his ankles, injury to his pelvis, broken ribs, and a punctured lung. We obtained a settlement of $310,000.00 for him for his injuries and pain and suffering.

Awarded: $310,000

We represented a medical doctor (M.D.) who was forced to retire from part-time service with the National Guard due to back injuries sustained after being rear-ended by a driver of an uninsured vehicle.  The physician was forced to file suit against her own uninsured motorist insurance company.  Her own insurance defended the driver that had rear ended her vehicle arguing that the injuries were not as severe as she complained.  We were able to settle the lawsuit at a mediation for $300,000 for her injuries, medical bills and loss of the part-time income and her retirement.

Awarded: $300,000.00

Our Lebanon Tennessee client was in an accident for which he was not at fault. He suffered injury to his shoulder, resulting in a torn rotator cuff which required surgery. He could not return to his job of 30 years due to the injury, which ended up requiring another surgery and left his having a limited ability to lift objects past his shoulders. We negotiated with the insurance company of the at-fault party and, when they refused to offer a fair settlement, we prepared for trial. Prior to trial, the insurance company offered a fair settlement that satisfied our client. During the process of negotiating his injury case, we were able to successfully obtain our client’s disability benefits which allowed him to pay his expenses while awaiting the settlement.

Awarded: $262,000

Our client suffered an injury to his back in an accident for which he was not at faul in Dickson County, Tennessee. During mediation with the attorneys for the at-fault party, we obtained a $250,000.00 settlement for him plus life time medical reimbursement for any future treatment he had to have for his back injury. Our client was able to return to work after his injury, but with financial stability and redress for his injuries.

Awarded: $250,000

Our clients, three adults and one child, were hit by a pick up truck pulling a trailer in Marion County, Tennessee.  They were pinned in the vehicle and suffered several injures.  The case was settled for $253,000.

Awarded: $253,000

$238,000 was awarded to a Pleasant Shade, Tennessee man after a trial. The Smith County man, an avionics engineer, sustained an injury to his spine resulting to damage to his back and left leg.  He also received future medical benefits for life for any treatment related to the injury. We attempted to deal with the at-fault driver’s insurance company in good faith, but they refused to offer our client fair compensation for his injuries and time off work. So we prepared to trial, presented our client’s case, and won a fair settlement the covered all of his losses and also included compensation for pain and suffering caused by the accident.  At Keith Williams Law Group, we are never afraid to take your case to trial and the insurance companies know it, too!

Awarded: $238,000

Davidson County Highway Patrol Officer Injured in Hermitage Tennessee receives $213,080 for injuries.

Awarded: $213,080

Our client was driving in Mt. Juliet Tennessee when a person driving a U-Haul truck pulled into traffic and hit his car, causing him injury to his shoulder which required surgery. We recovered policy limits from the at-fault driver and the remainder of the settlement from U-Haul. Settlement negotiations were tense as U-Haul initially denied any liability for someone else driving their vehicle, but Keith was able to make them see that they could not shirk their responsibility to our injured client.

Awarded: $194,000

Our client was traveling on Highway 70 just outside Lebanon Tennessee (aka Sparta Pike) when an oncoming car drifted into her lane and clipped her, causing an accident. She had to have knee surger and suffered soft tissue damage to her hip. The at-fault driver had no insurance so we pursued a settlement through our client’s uninsured motorist’s coverage. At first, the insurance company tried to lowball our client, but we let them know that we were ready to fight for her in court and they offered a settlement that satisfied our client.

Awarded: $150,000

Our client was injured in a car accident that wasn’t their fault outside of Crossville, Tennessee. Despite the insurance’s claims that our client was partially at-fault for the accident, we built a strong case and let the other party’s attorneys know that we were ready to take our client’s case to trial. They offered $138,000 right before trial, a settlement which our client considered fair and adequate for their case.

Awarded: $138,000.00

Our client was injured in a car accident when the vehicle he was riding in was hit in the rear by another car. He sustained injuries to his back requiring time off work.

We reached a settlement for $70,000.00 for his time off work and pain and suffering plus our client will have medical treatment free-of-charge for the rest of his lifetime for any treatment that involves the injury from the car crash.

Our client has since returned to work in his full capacity.

Awarded: $70,000.00

Our client was injured when a van in which she was a passenger was hit by a person who ran a red light.  We were able to negotiate a fair and satisfactory settlement for our client prior to trial.

Awarded: $50,000

Keith Williams Law Group client receives reimbursement for injuries, time off work and pain and suffering after being injured when she was a passenger in a vehicle that wrecked. The driver of the vehicle ran a redlight and our client was injured in the ensuing accident.

Awarded: $50,000.00

Our client suffered minor injuries in an accident with a package truck. The accident was not our client’s fault. We were able to obtain a fair settlement for our client and they were able to return to work fully recovered with their medical bills paid and compensation for time off work, pain and suffering.

Awarded: $36,000.00

Our client suffered injury in an accident that was not their fault and that resulted in injury to their neck and shoulder. Injury did not require surgery and tests showed no tears or permanent injury, but did result in a long and painful recovery that required time away from their job.  Our client received compensation for medical bills and time off work.

Awarded: 57,000.00

$380,500.00 was awarded by a Wilson County, TN jury to the family of a Smith County elderly man who was injured in an automobile accident and died before trial from an unrelated cause.  The jury assessed the at fault driver to be 51% at fault and our client to be 49% at fault.

Awarded: $380,500.00

Child Injury

Our clients’ son was killed in a tragic automobile accident for which he was not at fault. Through fully investigating the cause of the accident and establishing our clients’ case, especially the trauma of losing their young son, we gained a Confidential Award for them from both the insurance company for the at-fault party and from the personal assets of the at-fault party (over and above insurance policy limits).

Awarded: Confidential

Construction Accidents

Our client was driving through a construction zone in Mt. Juliet tn when he impacted with a curb being installed and wrecked his vehicle and suffered soft tissue injuries to his spine and neck which required extensive time off of work and physical therapy to treat and heal. We conducted a thorough investigation of the crash site and discovered that the accident was caused when a construction company failed to utilize the proper saftey barriers and warning signs while installing a curb. After seeing our evidence, the construction company’s insurance company offered a fair settlement to our client which he accepted rather than suffer the ordeal of a lengthy trial.

Awarded: $250,000.00

Defective Products

A confidential settlement was recently reached in favor of a 16 year old victim of an accident involving an SUV.  The vehicle he was riding in became unstable due to it being top heavy causing the driver to lose control, leave the roadway and roll over.  The roof of the SUV crushed down onto the passengers. The driver and one passenger were killed and our client was severely injured.  It was our argument that the manufacturer knew or should have known that these small SUV’s were top heavy and prone to rollovers, yet they did not manufacture the roof support pillars strong enough to withstand a rollover.

Rather than go to trial, and risk the negative publicity, the SUV manufacturer agreed to settle out of court with our client. The details of the settlement are confidential and cannot be discussed without violating the court order. However, the settlement was substantial enough to provide our client and his parents with the comfort, dignity and financial stability to endure the injuries he received.

Awarded: Confidential Settlement

A confidential settlement was reached for a client who was left in a paraplegic condition due to a Ohio manufacturer’s failure to install a Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) on a “zero turn radius” lawn tractor.  The suit was filed in the United States District Court in Nashville, Tennessee and was settled at mediation just prior to trial.
It was our position that our client would have suffered minimal or no injuries when his lawn mower flipped and rolled over on him had the lawn tractor been equipped with a roll bar or other roll over protection system.  We further argued that had a slope indicator been installed the lawn mower the client would have been warned that the slope he was on was steep enough to cause the lawn tractor to become unstable.

Awarded: Confidential Settlement

Medical Malpractice

A confidential settlement was reached after a 53 year old woman was faced with the diagnosis of endometrial cervical cancer and was then faced with another horrific event.  Her surgeon, a very highly qualified OBGYN failed to count the instruments properly and left a KOH colpotomizer ring in her body at the surgical site during her hysterectomy.  The ring was later discovered during a CT Scan in preparation for her radiation therapy.  If the ring not been discovered at that point, experts said that the combination of the metal KOH ring and the radiation would have resulted in severe internal burns and permanent damage to our client.   The client was forced to undergo a second surgery to remove the KOH ring.
Faced with the deposed testimony of our experts, the surgeon’s insurance company decided to settle the matter out of court, resulting in a very satisfactory but confidential settlement for our client.
Awarded: Confidential Settlement


Nashville injury attorney Keith Williams successfully represents Lebanon Tennessee client who was injured when she fell through some rotten wood on a deck.

Motorcycle Accidents

Our client was riding his motorcycle when the Defendant, who was in her 90s, crossed over the center line of a two-lane country road and struck him in a side-swipe type of collision. The collision caused severe damages to his left leg, including multiple compound fractures and the loss of a significant amount of flesh from his leg. He also had a broken bone in his arm, but the leg was by far the most severe injury. He was then forced to undergo painful wound care for nearly six months with open wounds on his leg (the bone was actually still exposed to the air that entire time) in an attempt to grow new tissue to cover the exposed wounds. The woundcare was ultimately unsuccessful, and they ended up amputating his left leg above the knee. He was a truck driver and lost his ability to drive a truck, which he loved doing. The accident completely upended his life, causing him emotional and physical trauma which he will have to deal with for the rest of his life

The at-fault party’s insurance company would not give our client a fair offer to we prepared for trial, deposing all witnesses and bringing in our own expert witnesses. We argued our client’s case in front a jury and won, with our client being awarded $14,657,123 in total damages. The other side tried to have the judgement overturned and get a new trial, but they were unsuccessful and our client’s right to compensation for his pain and suffering was upheld.

Awarded: $14,657,123

A $205,585.00 judgment was attained after a trial in Jackson County, TN. Our client had sustained an injury to his back in an accident in Clay County, Tennessee.  The at fault party’s insurance company argued that our client was not injured as badly as he claimed to be.  The Court sided with our client and awarded the judgement at trial. The judgement included that the insurance company pay all related future medical treatment for life.

Awarded: $205,585.00

Insurance Policy Limits were paid to a Tennessee resident who was taking a two week biking trip through the midwest States.  While in Dauie County, Nebraska, he approached an intersection.   Not realizing that the vehicle in front of him was slowing because the trailer the vehicle was pulling had no lights, in an evasive maneuver he tried to pass on the left.  Unfortunately the vehicle he was following turned left, severely injuring the bike rider.

Awarded: Insurance Policy Limits Paid

Nursing Home Abuse

A Confidential Settlement was paid to the five adult children of an elderly lady receiving care in a local nursing home employed our firm after receiving news of their mother’s unexpected death.  In their complaint the family alleged the nursing home was negligent in the care of the elderly mother.  The evidence supported that the elderly lady sustained injuries to her head, hip, and knee from three (3) separate falls within a three (3) day period.  The confidential settlement was reached for the wrongful death after a successful mediation.

Awarded: Confidential Settlement

Personal Injury

Nashville Injury attorney Keith Williams obtained a $425,000.00 settlement, in addition to lifetime medical benefits, for his client – a Houston County, Tennessee man who was catastrophically injured in an accident.  The victim suffered a pelvic fracture and spinal damage, resulting in his inability to assume any of his prior job responsibilties and causing him severe pain and anguish. The court also awarded the man complete hospital and medical expenses, attorney expenses, and discretionary cost in addition to the lump sum award.

Awarded: $425,000.00

$321,790.00 was paid to a Tennessee client who sustained significant neck and back injuries when a roll of house wrap fell on him while at a hardware store.  The store claimed that the injured client’s condition was due to pre-existing injury rather than the accident in their store.  Since the insurance company’s lawyers for the at-fault party would not negotiate fairly with our client, we prepared the case for trial. After we cross-examined the experts for the store’s insurance company, they decided to settle the case, to our client’s satisfaction, just weeks before the trial date.

Awarded: $321,790.00

Our client slipped and fell due to unmarked wet surface in a business and injured her spine. The insurance company for the business contended that the injury was pre-existing and therefore the business should not be required to compensate our client for her injuries (in addition to medical bills, the injury caused our client financial burden due to being off of work).  Keith Williams tried the case and the jury sided with our client and found the injury was not pre-existing but was in fact caused by the fall which happened due to negligence of the employees of the business.

Awarded: $240,261.00

Our client slipped and fell on a wet floor in a local restaurant and injured her knee, which required minor surgery with physical therapy to repair.  We were able to negotiate a great settlement for her that covered her medical bills, time off work and pain and suffering due to her injury.

Awarded: $50,000

Trying to be a good samaritan and protect a child from being attacked, our client tried to break up a fight at a Sumner County school and was beaten about the head and body, causing painful injury to her head, neck, and spine as well as soft tissue injuries and ongoing emotional trauma.  She suffered permanent nerve damage due to the attack as well as being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the prolonged and vicious beating.   We were able to reach a satisfactory and confidential settlement for our client prior to trial.

Awarded: Confidential

We represented a young man who was crushed when a metal die weighing 2500 pounds fell on him.  We brought suit against two foreign companies and their employees who we alleged were responsible for the machine containing the die and for ensuring that they were safely installed.  A confidential settlement was reached prior to trial in this matter.

Awarded: Confidential Settlement

Truck Broker Liability

We obtained an $8,000,000+ pre-trial settlement for our client who was critically and permanently injured when a truck driver fell asleep and crashed into our client’s vehicle.  Our client suffered severe injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, that will require continuous care and medical treatment for the rest of their life.  We represented our injured client in pursuing the injury claim and vigorously prepared the case for trial before obtaining the pre-trial settlement.  The settlement obtained will provide financially  for our client’s care for the remainder of their  life.

Awarded: $8,000,000

Our client suffered permanent brain damage and significant physical injuries in a collision with a tractor-trailer.  We pursued a claim against the trucking freight broker/third party logistics company that negligently hired the trucking company to haul the load.  We also successfully pursued a claim against the trucking company itself. Our successful theory of liability was that the trucking company had one of the worst 1% safety records in the Country and the freight broker was negligent for placing the load with such a dangerous company.  This theory was a new and cutting edge twist of “negligent hiring.”   The matter was resolved in a confidential settlement.

Awarded: Confidential

Trucking Accidents

Other party’s insurance company claimed that injuries were sustained prior to accident, but Keith Williams fought those claims and our client was awarded a confidential settlement. The fact that Keith Williams and his associate attorneys are highly regarded trial attorneys, and the fact that we were immediately willing to begin taking depositions and contacting accident specialist to testify on our client’s behalf, made the trucking companies’ insurance carrier lawyers understand that we were perfectly willing and able to try our client’s case in court in front of a jury. In the weeks leading up to the trial, the insurance company made several offers, all of which we and our client denied as they were too low to reimburse her for her injuries, totalled car, and pain and suffering. Finally, at the proverbial “12th hour” before the trial, the insurance company came to the table with an offer our client accepted. This offer was made with the stipulation that is remain “Confidential” so we are not allowed to tell the amount or the company involved in the accident. Our client was satisfied with the outcome and relieved that he did not have to relive the ordeal in court.

Awarded: Confidential

$591,118 was awarded to a McMinnville, Tennessee woman after a trial. The Warren County woman sustained an  injury to her shoulder resulting to damage to her brachial plexus and a winged scapula in an accident for which she was not at fault.  These injuries impacted her ability to her her job.   She also received future medical benefits for life.

Awarded: $591,118

Our client is a Nashville truck driver who was injured in an accident that was not their fault.  The at-fault party’s insurance company would not negotiate a settlement in good faith, so Keith and his team took our client’s case to court to fight for a fair recovery.  Our client received a $324,000 judgement for their neck and shoulder injuries.

Awarded: $324,000

Our client was injured in a Nashville truck accident and sustained injuries to his neck and spine. He underwent surgery to repair these injuries. The insurance company would not negotiate with our client honestly and fairly, so we prepared to go to trial and prove our client was injured due to the negligence of the trucking company.  Just before trial, the insurance company offered a settlement to our client that met his satisfaction. This award covered his time off work, medical bills and pain and suffering.

Awarded: $320,944.31

$298,541.00 was paid to a client who sustained injuries to their right shoulder and neck in an accident with a truck which was not our client’s fault. Our client had to undergo surgery for their injuries. Attorneys at the Keith Williams Law Group investigated the case thoroughly and were preparing the case for trial to prove the client was not at fault and to prove the extent of their injuries.  Just prior to trial and after five hours of mediation, the at-fault party’s lawyer agreed to settle on terms favorable to our client, which included payment of all future medical treatment needed for the injury in addition to the $298,541 lump sum award.

Awarded: $298,541.00

Our client was injured in a trucking accident in Nashville Tennessee and suffered a fracture to their cervical bone requiring months of therapy and time off of work.  We were able to recover $253,000 in medical expense, time off work, and pain and suffering for our client.

Awarded: $253,000

$225,000.00 was paid to a Wilson County Tennessee client who was injured in a tractor trailor wreck. The at-fault party’s insurance company also agreed to pay for all future medical treatments arising from the injury to our client.  The settlement was reached 2 days before the case was to go to trial in Lebanon, TN.

Awarded: $225,000.00

Client sufferend severe spinal and psychological injuries after being injured in a truck wreck in Carthage, Tennessee. Keith Williams was able to obtain a judgement of $75,000 lump sum and $125,000 in payments guaranteed for 20 years.

Awarded: $200,000

45 year old man injured in a trucking accident through no fault of his own, suffered back and soft tissue damage.  Insurance company would not negotiate in good faith with us so we set the matter for trial.  The insurance company offered a settlement at trial and our client was satisfied with the settlement and to not have to endure the ordeal of a trial.

Awarded: $75,000.00

Our Davidson County, Tennessee client suffered temporary injury to back after being in an accident involving a truck in Hermitage and received confidential settlement.

Awarded: Confidential

Our client was injured in an accident with a commercial truck and suffered trauma to her spine, neck and soft tissue.  We were able to reach a settlement prior to trial.

Awarded: Confidential

Wrongful Death

A confidential settlement was reached in a wrongful death/medical malpractice case against a Middle Tennessee primary care physician.  The wife of a middle aged man alleged that the primary care physician was negligent in failing to notify a surgeon treating her husband of the patient’s medical history, which included homocystinuria, blood clots, and pulmonary embolism. The patient died in his wife’s arms less than an hour after returning home from the hospital.  The autopsy report stated the probable cause of death was pulmonary embolism secondary to deep venous thrombosis. Negligence was alleged against the primary care physician for failing to provide the patient with reasonable and necessary medical treatment postoperatively.

We were able to reach a very good confidential settlement prior to trial.  Our client was, of course, devastated about losing her husband and the fact that it was so unnecessary that she be left alone without him.  She did not think she could endure a trial and relieve the terrible situation again.  We saved her that pain and anguish by fighting the insurance company for a fair settlement for her loss. This remains a case dear to our hearts as we opened our hearts to this dear widow and knew how much she suffered due to the negligent care her husband received.  While no amount of money could ever bring her loved one back to her, she was satisfied with the settlement as it allowed for her to remain in the home she had shared with him and raised there children in, as well as provide financial security for her for the remainder of her life.

Awarded: Confidential Settlement

We won an $850,000.00 jury verdict in the Northeastern Division of the Middle District of Tennessee for the Wrongful death of an 18 year old Kentucky boy who drowned in Dale Hollow Lake in Clay County, Tennessee.

Although the deceased was 18 years old and had reached the age of majority for some purposes, the jury agreed with Keith William’s argument that we reach the age of majority under the law for drinking alcohol at the age of 21 – not 18.

The jury found for the surviving parents who claimed that a Tennessee boat dock owner failed to properly supervise a teen drinking party that resulted in the drowning of their son.

Awarded: $850,000.00