Whenever a company discovers a product they produce has a design defect, they customarily issue a recall for that product. This helps to prevent defective products from hurting regular consumers, who can potentially be injured or sickened by defective goods. But what exactly is a design defect, and how does it result in people getting hurt?

Explaining Design Defects

In simple terms, a design defect is a type of product defect that is intrinsic to how the product itself is designed, causing it to be dangerous even when used explicitly as intended. In other words, that defect is not the result of a single damaged or tainted product, but is instead found in every single product of that type. That means that anyone who purchased the defective product is potentially at risk of being harmed as a result of that design defect.

Examples of Design Defects

There are countless ways in which a product can be considered to have a design defect. Some of the more commonly seen design defects include:

  • Electronics that are prone to overheating or short circuiting
  • Furniture that is unstable or which cannot adequately support weight
  • Children’s toys with parts that can be easily swallowed or choked on
  • Tools with inadequate or nonfunctional safety mechanisms
  • Vehicles that cannot stop or turn without risk of tipping or flipping
  • Clothing that is unusually flammable
  • Medicine that has undisclosed toxic side effects
  • Products made with toxic paint or materials

How Design Defects Can Hurt People

When a product has a defective design, anyone who uses it can potentially be put at risk, as can anyone in the vicinity of the product. For example, a vehicle with faulty brakes may not be able to stop or slow in response to conditions on the road, increasing the chance of an accident. Meanwhile, a faulty electronic gadget can potentially electrocute someone if it shorts out, or it can burn someone if it overheats. A toy that is made with lead paint can potentially poison a child that ingests the paint, which can lead to lifelong psychological and physical problems.

What You Should Do If You Encounter a Defective Product

If you or someone you love is injured as a result of a defective product, whether it is the result of a design defect or something else, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. A personal injury attorney with experience handling defective products cases can assist you by exploring your legal options, giving you the best chance at getting the justice you deserve. The sooner you call, the sooner your lawyer can get to work on your case.

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