How Can Defective Toys Hurt Children?

Every year, more than 200,000 children across the United States suffer injuries as a result of a defective toy. While most of these injuries are relatively minor, some can be severe enough to require emergency medical attention, and in a handful of cases, they can even be fatal.  But how can defective toys potentially hurt [...]

2022-08-22T15:00:42-07:00August 22nd, 2022|Child Injury, Defective Products|0 Comments

Have You Been the Victim of a Manufacturing Defect?

Manufacturing defects are a serious danger that can affect nearly any product on the market. If you encounter a product with a manufacturing defect, it could result in accidental harm to you or anyone around you when you use the product. But what exactly is a manufacturing defect, and how does one result in harm? [...]

2022-03-25T14:48:41-07:00March 25th, 2022|Defective Products|0 Comments
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