Every year, more than 200,000 children across the United States suffer injuries as a result of a defective toy. While most of these injuries are relatively minor, some can be severe enough to require emergency medical attention, and in a handful of cases, they can even be fatal.  But how can defective toys potentially hurt children, and what should you do if your child is injured by one?

What is a Defective Toy?

A defective toy is any toy made for children (typically those below the age of 14) which has some kind of serious problem that makes it unsafe to use. The defect may be the result of a manufacturing error, which only affects one specific unit, or it could be a design defect that makes the entire line of products potentially dangerous. Alternatively, there may be problems with the advertising or packaging materials that encourage children to use the toy in a way it is not intended to, increasing the risk of a potentially harmful malfunction.

How Can Toys Be Defective?

There are a number of different ways that toys may turn out to be defective. Some of the more common types of defective toys include:

  • Toys made with toxic or flammable materials
  • Toys with pieces that can be swallowed and choked on by small children
  • Toys with parts that can break off and become shrapnel
  • Toys with electronics that can overheat or catch fire during regular use
  • Toys with exposed mechanical components that can tear out hair or crush limbs
  • Toys that fail to protect children from falls, such as scooters, bikes, or swings
  • Toys that falsely advertise how they are intended to be used

How Do Product Defects in Toys Cause Injuries?

Defective toys have problems that can make them potentially dangerous for children, even when used as intended. For example, small children are prone to biting or chewing on their toys, and can easily swallow pieces of toys, potentially choking them or causing intestinal blockages. In addition, many toys now have electric components that may overheat, causing burns or even potentially starting fires. Toys may also be constructed from materials that may be toxic if ingested, or which may be prone to catching fire.

What Should You Do if Your Child is Hurt?

If you have purchased a toy for a child and they have been injured as a result, your first priority should be to ensure they receive immediate medical attention. After that, however, you should speak to a lawyer with experience handling product defect cases. They can help you to go through your case and ensure you get the compensation you deserve for the harm your child has suffered.

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