Why Do Airplane Accidents Happen?

Every year, more than a thousand airplanes crash across the United States, resulting in hundreds of deaths. While some of these accidents are the result of unavoidable problems, a shocking number of these accidents could be prevented if adequate safety measures were put into place. Here are some of the most common issues cited in [...]

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Five Major Risk Factors That Contribute to Pedestrian Accidents

Among all types of motor vehicle accidents,  few are quite as deadly as pedestrian accidents. Even when victims are not fatally injured in these accidents, they can be left with long-term medical issues that can impair their ability to work or live their lives in peace. That is why you should be aware of these [...]

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Have You Been the Victim of a Manufacturing Defect?

Manufacturing defects are a serious danger that can affect nearly any product on the market. If you encounter a product with a manufacturing defect, it could result in accidental harm to you or anyone around you when you use the product. But what exactly is a manufacturing defect, and how does one result in harm? [...]

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Top Five Causes of Aviation Accidents

Statistically speaking, airplanes are the safest mode of transportation available, but that does not mean it is entirely free from danger. When something goes amiss, it can easily result in a serious accident, causing potential injury or death. Here are five of the most common causes that result in aviation accidents: […]

2022-03-11T15:50:10-07:00March 11th, 2022|Aviation Accidents|0 Comments
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