trucker safety

Being a good tractor and trailer (commonly known as a “Big Rig) driver involves skill and plenty of common sense to keep themselves and everyone else on the road safe.  Some of the best safety tips for truckers are listed below.

  1. Be aware and alert.  It is important to know who is ahead of you, behind you and beside you, at all times.  To remain at your ultimate best, it is strongly advised that you rest well and often, so you can be prepared for the unexpected.  Also, to avoid long-term health issues, it is advised that drivers wear clothing that are loose fitting, as tight fitting clothing may cause blood circulation restrictions.
  2. Professional drivers of 18 wheel rigs may driver slower than the posted speed limit (which is posted mainly for smaller vehicles), as they know that they will not be able to safely stop, if they drive too fast.  Also, whenever possible, avoid driving on heavily trafficked roads.  This will minimize potential truck accidents.
  3. Know the current and future weather forecasts, so you can be prepared, as weather may change in a moment’s notice and have a direct effect on the driving conditions.
  4. Use extra caution during evening hours, especially, when maneuvering in and out of tight spaces.
  5. Choose a lane and stick with it, as switching driving lanes increases the accident rate.  If you must change lanes, do so with extreme caution, while constantly checking your mirrors and being aware of your blind spots.
  6. Invest in a GPS navigation system that is especially designed for truckers.  In addition to providing the most direct routes to reach your destination, these gadgets will alleviate stress while driving, because it can provide you with vital information, such as which exit to use, distance prior to exiting, when it is safe to switch lanes, and in addition, it can provide the driver with up to the minute traffic reports.

thank you for driving safely sign

As mentioned above, there are several ways that a big rig driver can keep themselves and others on the road safe.  Below are some safety tips that should be observed for drivers, who find themselves, driving near a large truck.

  1. Do not panic.  Being nervous while behind the wheel may cause a driver to make a rash and reckless decisions that can be dangerous, for everyone in the immediate area.
  2. Semi-trucks have more blind spots than any other road worthy vehicle – so never assume the driver of a big rig will see you.
  3. Due to the fact that trailers are so large, they are more susceptible to wind conditions, and may easily swerve on the road or worse, they may be unable to stay upright.
  4. Passing a large truck takes total concentration, any maybe a little extra push on the gas pedal.
  5. Trucks use a wide berth for turns, so stay as far out of their way as possible.

Truck trailers often have tire blowouts, so it is important that other drivers know this fact, and learn how to avoid dangers associated with big rig blown tires. Been in a truck accident? Call us today for a free consultation!