A Massachusetts man who was paralyzed after an accident in an Uber rideshare has sued the company for $63 million. The accident was allegedly due in part to the reckless driving habits of the Uber driver, who is considered an independent contractor of the company. The lawsuit alleges that Uber should be held liable for the accident due to their failure to ensure their drivers have a good driving record.

What Happened in This Accident?

The victim is a 31-year old chef who requested an Uber driver through their rideshare app to drive him home after work. However, the driver he got struck a parked car, resulting in a serious collision that left the victim with severe injuries. He subsequently spent four months in the hospital from the harm he suffered in the accident, which left him with debilitating long-term health problems.

Who Was the Driver in This Case?

The driver was a man with a shockingly bad driving record. In addition to at least twenty separate moving violations on his record, he also had been in several other accidents and was under a state-mandated driving re-training order. This spotty driving record stretches back at least 25 years, but Uber allowed him to be a driver through their rideshare app anyway.

How Was the Victim Hurt?

The victim suffered a severe spinal injury during the accident, which left him quadriplegic and completely unable to work or care for himself. He relies on two caretakers for all of his personal needs, and goes to physical therapy on a constant basis. He cannot even engage in any activities he once enjoyed, such as cooking or playing music. This is in addition to all of the medical expenses he has incurred, and continues to incur, for his necessary long-term medical care.

Why is the Victim Suing Uber?

In addition to suing the driver, the victim is suing Uber, alleging that they did not take sufficient steps to ensure they were not hiring reckless or incompetent drivers. While Uber says it has a thorough background check process in place for its drivers, in reality anyone can drive for Uber so long as they have a valid driver’s license and a minimum of three years of driving experience. The victim in this case says that this screening process is not sufficient to keep out reckless drivers that endanger passengers, and that Uber should be held responsible for allowing people like the driver responsible for this accident to drive for their company.

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