rear end car accident in Nashville, TNNo matter how hard you try to avoid it, car accidents happen. In fact, the number of car accidents is increasing in Nashville. Most people are in at least a couple of accidents throughout their lifetime and have to hire a car accident lawyer to help them fight for their rights.

If you want to avoid an accident and legal repercussions, not only do you have to stay alert but you have to drive defensively.

Here are several defensive driving tips to lower your chance of getting into an accident and experiencing litigation as a result:


  1. Keep your eyes focused on not only the car in front of you but scan the areas around you as well. If you make a habit of looking beyond the car that is beyond the one in front of you, you may be able to see trouble developing ahead of time. This will give you some time to plan for the situation, allow you to slow down, and react accordingly.


  1. Don’t spend the majority of your time driving in the fast lane. By driving in the middle or the lane located on the right side, you will be able to find more options in the case of a problem arising. This will give you more ability to switch lanes in a hurry.


  1. Always be aware of hidden blind spots. Your mirror will not always reveal cars that have crept up on the side of your vehicle. Before switching lanes, always double-check for blind spots over your shoulder. It is very common that a vehicle may be right in your blind spot. Also, try to stay out of the blind spot of other vehicles, especially o the side of large trucks.


  1. Check the condition of other cars. While not always true, if a vehicle seems to be pretty beat up and has a lot of damage, this may indicate that the driver may not be very focused when driving on the road. Also, take notice if the driving seems to have trouble staying in their lane. They may be intoxicated, or otherwise.


  1. By just moving your seat a little closer to the steering wheel can make a big difference. This will put you in a more upright position and give you greater control while driving on the road.


  1. Make sure to maintenance your car often to avoid any vehicle problems that could cause you to be in an accident. Make sure that tires are changed promptly, and oil is changed regularly. Also, perform routine maintenance on all of your systems from time to time.


  1. Get to know your vehicle. Every car drives different and reacts differently. Sometimes the gas pedal may take a moment to respond, while another gas pedal may take off immediately. Perhaps your vehicle leans a bit on turns. Maybe your car takes an extra second to rev up to where it can take off. Whatever the case may be, get to know these crucial facts. Knowing this can help you avoid a serious accident.


While none of these methods are 100% foolproof, your chances will be much higher if you are prepared and drive with more awareness and caution. And, if you find yourself in an accident, call our local car accident lawyers in Tennessee immediately.

Sometimes, car accidents may seem inevitable. Most people are in at least a couple at some point in their lives. It has become increasing necessary to not only drive carefully for your safety but to be alert and drive defensively.

It is important to drive in such a way that you are avoiding not only your mistakes but some of the mistakes of others, by thinking ahead. It is important to have keen awareness when on the road. But, no matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents do happen. Acting quickly will help protect you in the long run. If you find yourself in an accident, call our office to speak with a car accident lawyer immediately.