Tesla, the largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world, recently issued a recall for around 130,000 vehicles after it was found that some of the vehicles were experiencing overheating issues. This overheating affected the vehicles’ central console, which would experience lag or freeze entirely. This, in turn, made it difficult to access certain functions tied to the central console, including windshield wiper functionality and, in some cases, the ability to shift gears on the vehicle.

What is Tesla?

    Tesla is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, and is estimated to have made around $54 billion in 2021 alone. This is based to a large extent on its sales of electric vehicles, but also other products, such as solar panels and other “green” technology. However, the company has attracted a great deal of public scrutiny due to multiple previous recalls, resulting from major technical problems and safety issues.

Why Was a Recall Issued?

Tesla issued a recall for 130,000 of its Model 3 and Model Y electric cars after it was found that the central processing unit (CPU) in its “infotainment” center could overheat while charging. This overheating would result in the screen in the vehicle’s center console malfunctioning, limiting the driver’s ability to access certain functions, such as the windshield wipers or ability to shift gears. This, in turn, could impair a driver’s ability to control their vehicle, causing potential safety issues.

Are There Any Other Safety Issues to Be Concerned About?

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Tesla has faced safety problems with its vehicles. In fact, Tesla’s Model X vehicles have also faced a recall due to issues with airbag deployment, and cars with its “AutoPilot” self-driving software have been recalled due to problems with driving through stop signs. Yet another recall, affecting nearly 600,000 vehicles, involved a problem with Tesla’s “Boombox” feature, which interfered with mandatory warning systems that would alert drivers of dangerous conditions or mechanical problems.

What Should People Do?

Fortunately, Tesla has stated that the overheating problem can be addressed through an Over-The-Air (OTA) software patch, which will update automatically with no further input from drivers. Unfortunately, some problems, such as the Model X’s airbag issues, will require the vehicle to be brought in for service. If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a malfunctioning vehicle, you should seek medical attention, and then conduct a lawyer with experience handling personal injury matters to advise you on your options.

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