There are several elements that have to be proven in order for a victim to recover for a damages because of injury in Tennessee.

  1. The first being that the victim suffered an “injury” by accident.
  2. Then your attorney must provide an abundance of proof of the injury, its impact on you financially, mentally, emotionally, and its impact on your quality of life and your family.
  3. Then your attorney must provide a strong argument that negligence on the part of the at-fault party resulted in your injury and therefore they are responsible.
  4. Lastly, your attorney must provide a comprehensive assessment and proof of your damages, both in medical bills, vehicle repair, time off work and other tangible damages, but also in intangible areas such as mental health, pain and suffering, impact on your quality of life etc.  Very often, especially in a jury trial, these intangible damages result in more financial recovery for our clients than actual financial impact and loss. That’s where our reputation and success and trial attorneys benefits our clients as the insurance company is always aware that we won’t hesitate to take our client’s case to trial. In fact, we don’t accept cases we feel we couldn’t defend in front of a jury.

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