A private aviation accident-sometimes called a “general aviation” accident-is one that does not involve a commercial air carrier.  Private aviation accidents may be caused by a variety of issues, including pilot error, equipment malfunction, defective parts, poorly designed aircraft, faulty maintenance, or even human or technical error at the airport.  Most airplane or helicopter crashes, in fact, involve privately owned and operated aircraft, not commercial aircraft.

Unlike the major airlines or commercial aircraft companies, private aviators owe a lower standard of care to their passengers.  In fact, private aviators only have to use reasonable care towards passengers to prevent injury rather than the heightened professional standard of care that most commercial carriers have to use.  As a result, federal regulations and safety standards in place for large commercial aircraft may not apply to smaller general aviation operators.

With the wide variety of entities potentially involved and the varying legal standards applicable, aircraft accident law can be complicated.  It is therefore important that survivors and/or the families of victims in a private aviation accident retain a law firm prepared to help them through the process of determining what really happened and who is responsible.

After a private aviation accident has occurred, our team of aviation attorneys and investigators will work as quickly as possible after the accident to preserve the wreckage, interview witnesses, evaluate liability, identify jurisdictional issues, and protect the rights of survivors and/or victims families during interviews with authorities and insurance representatives.

To protect your rights contact the Keith Williams Law Group to help guide you through the laws and governmental agencies involved in any airline accident or disaster.