Helicopter Accident Attorney in Nashville Tennessee

Helicopter accidents are among the most dangerous types of aviation accidents.  Helicopter accidents occur much more frequently than airplane accidents.  Because of the wide variety of potential causes of a helicopter accident, extensive investigation is needed to determine the causes responsible for the cause. Among the causes determined to have contributed to helicopter accidents include:  pilot error, equipment malfunction, defective parts, poorly designed aircraft, faulty maintenance, and air traffic control issues.

With the wide variety of possible entities involved potential causes, helicopter accident law can be complicated.  It is therefore important that survivors and/or the families of victims in a helicopter aviation accident retain a law firm prepared to help them through the process of determining what really happened and who is responsible.

After a helicopter aviation accident has occurred, our team of aviation attorneys and investigators will work as quickly as possible after the accident to preserve the wreckage, interview witnesses, evaluate liability, identify jurisdictional issues, and protect the rights of survivors and/or victims’ families during interviews with authorities and insurance representatives.